Why you Need to Minimize your Gaming Sessions

Video games have become more popular in recent times. Most of the population has an active link to those games in at least one of their devices. Gaming will, however, bring with it certain negative consequences to your health. This is visible through neuropathy, where you get a tingling sensation in your hands or feet after gaming for a while. In case you have limited knowledge about this condition, you will find out quite a lot about it here.

The central nervous system is a mix of the brain and spinal cord. The rest of the nervous system is made up of the peripheral nervous system, which covers all the nerves that are in all your body parts. You will feel peripheral neuropathy when you have problems with your peripheral nervous system. The condition shows itself as severe pain, numbness or lack of feeling in the affected region. A common manifestation of neuropathy is carpal tunnel syndrome. The carpal tunnel syndrome is where one nerve is damaged.

It is hard to tell of nerve damage in its infancy. All you feel is some itch after a long gaming session. Over time, you become increasingly uncomfortable. Different people exhibit symptoms of neuropathy differently. Some people report numbness, while others report severe and jolting pain. The symptoms get worse at night. If your fingers are affected, they become much harder to use as the day progresses. You can also feel muscle weakness. Your coordination is also bound to suffer.

Carpal tunnel as a form of neuropathy is caused by the prolonged and repetitive use of your fingers on the controller or keyboard. Such actions damage our nerves when you weaken or pinch them. It is also how you risk getting arthritis due to the repetitive and stressful motions. Chances of getting neuropathy increase as you get older.

You need to make an appointment with a physician to truly know if you have carpal tunnel syndrome. They will administer several tests, such as tapping on a nave in the wrist to see if you will react in pain or itchiness. You can read more here about those tests.

When it is still young, you can address it using some over the counter anti-inflammatory medication. There are also some topical medication for the affected areas. Those are effective for mild carpal tunnel and arthritis. If it is severe, you will need prescription medication. A doctor is there to give you such prescription. There is also need for extra caution at night when the symptoms are more pronounced. You can use wrist splints and ice packs to keep the hand still and deal with the swelling and pain.

There is a need to go for minimal gaming sessions, to allow complete recovery. Limiting yourself now is good for your future state. You can discover more tips and tricks on this homepage.

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